Ticket management

What is ticket management?

Tracking customers issues manually would be time-consuming and problematic to regulate. Ticket management is a necessary feature of help desk management. It allows managing data and customers inquiries. A company uses ticket managing to answer customers’ requests. Ticket holds status and specifies requests. That helps customer service staff be more organized and be better in helping customers. Managing tickets makes things easier and quicker.

Frequently asked questions

What does the term ticket management mean?

Ticket management is a process of managing problems and requests from customers. It's built into ticket management software and a common business tool. 


What are the principles of ticket management?

There are some important rules. First, treat each ticket individually and think that this is a person who needs support and help. Second, design the help desk based on the user experience. Also, do not create completely new processes, but use the best practices that your company has developed. Put transparency in your contacts with clients, and take care of the development of agents and the entire team.


Does LiveAgent enable ticket management?

LiveAgent allows you to manage your tickets. Automatically tracks and converts all customer problems into tickets. Any incoming form of communication is converted into tickets for better management.


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