Online support

What is online support?

Online support is a web-based form of delivering a customer service. Nowadays, it is a very popular form of contacting company, more popular than visiting a company or a phone call. Online support is also a part of customer relationship management.

The best advantage of an online support is a 24 hour-a-day customer service. Customers or website visitors can easily contact the customer representative, when a problem occurs or when they have some questions about the product or service.

Online ticketing software (or web-based ticketing software) is a type of customer support software that allows your customers to submit requests through a chatbot or a web form on your company’s website. It will then automatically create a ticket for each customer request and assign it to the appropriate department or agent. Using the ticket number, the customer can track the status of their request and receive updates from the support team.

Frequently asked questions

What is online support?

Online support is an online form of providing customer service and helping customers resolve various issues. It can be implemented, for example, via e-mail, social media or live chat. It also allows you to gain customer opinions and supports building relationships with them.

Should you offer online support?

If you want your company to count on the market, you need to provide online support. Customers are now more likely to use online communication channels than telephone communication. To meet their expectations, it is good to provide as many communication channels as possible, also online.

Can LiveAgent be used to provide online support?

Yes, of course. LiveAgent is software that supports all types of customer service. Thanks to it, you can manage all communication channels in one place, i.e. e-mail, social media, video chat and live chat. It also offers the creation of a knowledge base. You have access to reports and conversation histories that help you run effective online support.

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