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What are automations?

Automate ordinary tasks of different cases in your LiveAgent. Automation (Rules) is a perfect feature, that allows it to you. It is used for creating workflows that help to make fast and satisfying case resolution. Define a mix of criteria and conditions and specify an activity the feature should take. You can create an automation for many different cases. It is simple.

An automation brings many advantages and benefits. It save your time. In LiveAgent you are able to create your custom automations.

Learn more about Rules (Automations) in LiveAgent.



What does the term automations mean?

Automation is a process that aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of work. If employees’ tasks are repetitive and can be defined by criteria, and define the exact actions to be performed by the function, they can be performed automatically. This saves you time that can be spent on other activities that will improve your customer service.

What automations does LiveAgent offer?

LiveAgent automates processes such as: moving all tickets containing a specific word to a specific department, spam removal or tagging, assigning tickets, sending a message, chatbot service

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