User error

What is user error?

Issues that arise on the user’s end are called user errors. If the software works correctly without a bug in system settings or other defects in a computer program, there is a chance that the user is not working with the software as it was intended. 

If you encounter a user error on your side, try troubleshooting, or you can jump right in and contact customer support professionals. If you suspect your code can be buggy, you should again test and review it to find the source of your troubles.

Frequently asked questions

What is a user error?

User error is a human error in a computer system when interacting with it.


How to detect a user error?

User error can be detected by tracking software as well as by analyzing your knowledge of what the user has done.


What is the best way you approach user errors?

The best approach to user error is that it happened for a specific reason, and you can easily solve the problem by analyzing what the user did. 


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