Helpdesk support

What is helpdesk support?

Help desk is very important part of your customer service. The main task of the help desk support is to fix and resolve customer’s problems, that increase a customer satisfaction. They support client through web via various chat tools.

To provide the best help desk support, consider using customer service help desk software like LiveAgent. This powerful tool allows you to provide omnichannel support and create an excellent customer experience. With its robust set of features including a ticketing system, live chat, call center, and automation options your support team can build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Help desk support has four different levels, that help divide support resources. The first level is tier 1. It is a basic level, where customer representative has a knowledge about product, but he does not understand the inner workings. Next level is tier 2, where technician has a specialization and great knowledge. Customer representatives, who have a specialized skills and who deal with complex issues belongs to tier 3. Tier 4 is the level of experts.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define helpdesk support?

Technical support is one of the most important elements of customer service. Its main tasks include fixing and solving customer problems. It can be supported over the Internet using various chat tools or by phone via a call center. All this has an impact on the increase of customer satisfaction.

What are the principles of helpdesk support?

Helpdesk support typically has four levels of support. The first is the basic level where the agent knows about the product. The next is the second level. Here, the contact person already has a specialization and extensive knowledge of internal operations as well. Agents on the third level deal with specialized, complex problems. On the other hand, the service at the fourth level is already an expert level and they already know practically everything about products and services, as well as processes.

Do every company need helpdesk support?

If you represent a company that cares about providing the highest level of customer service, you should have helpdesk support. Thanks to this, customers can easily communicate if they have any technical problems or questions that should be answered. This is how you improve your customer service. Of course, if your company does not carry out activities that could support help desk, there is no point in introducing it.

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