Web helpdesk

What is Web helpdesk?

Web help desk, in short WHD, is a technology that provides a help deskticketing management. It allows users to make their customer service management easier with ticketing. All communication is stored in tickets that are managed. It also offers a hardware and software assets management, knowledge management, automated feedback reviews for users and much more. All configuration is available to users straight from the web browser. Users need just a web browser to run a web help desk.

Frequently asked questions

What is difference between web helpdesk and standalone helpdesk application?

The web helpdesk is user-oriented, while the service desk is business-oriented. In addition, the help desk focuses on: point solutions, they are reactive and are intended for end users. On the other hand, service desk offers proactive services, service desktops are integrated and are also intended for technicians.

What is advantage of using online web help desk?

Online customer service allows you to use various methods of contact with the customer. Online web help desk helps to bridge the gap between the client and his problem. All the help is then in one place and the customer service department can automate this process. Online web help desk also supports team performance. It can easily contact another member of the team, take notes and collect information about clients.One of the most important advantages is accessibility. The customer may not always be able to make phone calls, which is why the Internet service makes it easier for him.

How do I access web help desk software?

If you want to get access to web help desk, you can connect it in your panel. Configuration is available to users at the level of a web browser, so you only need internet access.

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