Customer service consultant

Who is customer service consultant?

In some organizations, customer service consultants are similar to management consultants and they make suggestions for improving the efficiency of customer service. Customer service consultants can be similar to customer service representatives too. Their main task is to answer phone calls and talking to customers. They also identify chances to offer information and they handle and resolve complaints. They update information, document customer interactions and make changes to customer accounts.

The work of customer service consultants requires strong communication skills, interpersonal skills and knowledge about computer software. They also need a sales abilities and skills to recommend products.

Frequently asked questions

What is a customer service consultant?

A customer service consultant is a person who is responsible for contact with the customer and its service as part of complaints, order processing, providing information about the company's products and services. They make phone calls, email or chat.

What are the responsibilities of customer service consultant?

The duties of a customer service consultant include listening to customers' concerns, as well as helping to solve their problems and providing information. Another obligation is accepting requests from clients. It is also extremely important to acquire and record customer information. One of the most important elements is also meeting the expectations and needs of customers related to products or services and customer service.

How can you add a customer service consultant?

To add a customer service consultant, go to the LiveAgent panel and add another person. When adding another agent, you must define his role in the system. You have the choice of agent, administrator and owner roles.

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