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Customer delight

What is a customer delight?

The greatest goal of many companies is customer satisfaction. Customer delight, also called as customer wow, is making a wow emotion to the client. It is not just about grateful words. It is about providing what customer need in the moment, when it is needed with a value. It is necessary to know what clients expect from company. The target is to exceed customer expectations. There are many ways how to gain a customer delight.

Frequently asked questions

How to define customer delight?

Customer satisfaction is meeting the customer's needs and providing them with the value they expect. In order to satisfy the client, it is necessary to at least meet his needs. The key, however, is to go beyond this scenario and exceed customer needs.

What are the basics of customer delight?

The basis of customer satisfaction is the fulfillment of all needs required by the customer. This consists of meeting the expectations for a service or product, appropriate customer service and an correctly implemented, seamless purchasing process (e.g. product shipment at the announced time).

What is the opposite of customer delight?

The opposite of customer satisfaction is customer dissatisfaction. It appears when the client's needs and expectations have not been met. The customer expected more and finally got less. This can happen at any stage of the purchasing process.

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