Customer service software

What is customer service software?

Customer service software is software that can be used for communication, analyzing customer support, and making reports. Every interaction between a company and customers, website visitors, or business partners is stored in tickets. Every time, when someone new contacts you, customer service software creates a new contact. Customers or web visitors can submit tickets via email, live chat, chatbot, web form, and the customer support ticketing software will automatically assign the ticket to the appropriate agent or department.

Customer service software as a LiveAgent also include a ticket management, integrations, ability to create a customer portal, live chat and many other functions. You can also create a report or statistics about customer support and customer satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

What is customer service software?

Customer service software is software that allows you to manage, organize and track customer requests. We have access to everything in one place. It consolidates problems, conversations, and also links them to specific customer records. The main function is the ticket system, which transforms all customer messages into tickets and in this form routes them to agents.

What are the types of customer service software?

We can distinguish three main types of customer service software: HelpDesk Software, CRM Software, LiveChat Software. HelpDesk Software is a software responsible for receiving requests from users and controlling their solution, which is the so-called single point of contact. CRM Software is software that allows you to manage customer relationships. LiveChat Software, on the other hand, is software that allows you to handle live chat.

How to choose the best customer service software?

To choose the best customer support software, you need to consider that it helps you with most (if not all) customer service processes. It should have access to all the communication channels you need, i.e. e-mails, telephones or social media. Live chat is an extremely important feature. Also pay attention to creating analyzes and reports that will allow you to improve customer service.

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