Non-restricted agent

Who is a non-restricted agent?

Non restricted agent is an agent role, which gives agents a full access to all tickets. They are able to manage everything without any restrictions, since they are not limited to a particular group or organization. In LiveAgent it’s called an Admin. An admin can manage everything and also configure the system.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define a non-restricted agent?

A non-restricted agent is an agent that has access to all tickets available in the customer service software. This means agents can access all tickets. Any specific groups of tickets may be hidden.

What permissions does a non-restricted agent have?

The non-restricted agent has access to all tickets, i.e. there are no restrictions. Such agents are especially useful when creating triggers.

Can you set a non-restricted agent in LiveAgent?

Non-restricted agent is available in LiveAgent. This role is called administrator. The administrator may, among others manage all tickets as well as configure the system. There are no restrictions limited to only a specific group of tickets.

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