What does reassign mean?

A ticket can be reassigned (transferred) from one agent to another during its lifecycle. The reasons for this can be various, such as the agent being inexperienced in a particular field, the customer requesting another agent, the agent’s unavailability, and many others.

Reassigning tickets isn’t recommended as it can be quite time-consuming for agents. Also, the customers may not be happy about being thrown between agents. In case of too many reassigns on the same ticket. However, reassigning is a part of the attended transfer process, so it’s better your agents don’t skip it.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define the term reassign?

Reassign is the rewriting of a ticket from one agent to another during the life of the ticket. This can be caused, for example, by the agent's lack of knowledge or experience in a specific topic, the agent's unavailability, or a request to change agents.


What are the benefits of using the reassign option?

The advantage is that the client can get a quick response to a bothering topic. However, you should not do this multiple times with one ticket as it can be dissatisfying with customers and can also be burdensome for agents. 


Can you use the reassign feature in LiveAgent?

You can use the reassign feature in LiveAgent. You can easily transfer your ticket from one agent to another.


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