Multi-channel support

What is multi-channel support?

Give your customers wide range of options to reach you by integrating a number of different communication channels.

You can choose from a wide range of social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to reach wider audience and attract new potential customers.

Similarly, try to spread your business to more kinds of devices and become easily reachable wherever and whenever. You may expand your business to mobile phones, email providers or start using chat services for immediate connection with customers. You can even manage several brands at a time with the multibrand add-on. Using services like NGINX means being able to handle vast amounts of simultaneous connections.

Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of multi-channel support?

Multi-channel support means multi-channel customer service conducted in more than two different channels. It refers to the situation when a company offers support through many channels and customers can choose the most convenient one. This way, companies can support customers on their preferred channel.


What are the principles of multi-channel support?

There are several rules for multi-channel operation. The first is understanding your target audience. Thanks to this, you know where more representatives of your potential clients are and what they will most want to contact. Another is planning services, not channels. It is important to have a goal in mind, not just a road. Another rule is that it rarely happens that the customer goes from point A to point B. You have to take into account that he often runs away from the chosen path. Another rule is that the customer experience knows no boundaries, therefore the language of communication of the entire brand and employees about the brand should be consistent. Finally, it's important to try different solutions.


Can you provide multi-channel support using LiveAgent?

With LiveAgent you can provide multi-channel support. LiveAgent is a multi-channel helpdesk. Integrates Email, Live Chat, Phone, Facebook and Twitter in one application. Thanks to this, your brand's customer service can be carried out on a multi-channel and high level.


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