Chat service

What is chat service?

Service chat, also known as a customer service chat, allows users, website visitors, and customers to chat in real time with customer representatives. Service chat is supported by an IM application built into organization’s website. It reduces costs and it is a great form of social interaction. Every interaction between customers and organization is stored in tickets and saved in help desk software.

Service chat is a part of customer relationship management. Through service chat, customer representatives can quickly deliver a service to customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is chat service?

A chat service is an online technology or service that allows text messages to be translated between participants in real time. In customer service, often used as live chat - connects the agent with the client and enables real-time conversation.

Can you offer chat service via LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers instant messaging services. This allows you to make calls in real time. This feature allows you to save a lot of time and focus on building relationships with your customers.

What are best practices of chat service?

There are a few good practices to keep in mind when creating and writing to chat. It's a good idea to put a chat box on each page of your website in the right corner. This allows the customer to know where to write quickly to customer service. Use AI-based chatbots to provide quick answers to repetitive questions. One should also remember about personalized communication towards the client and the fact that relationships should be built. Fast response times are important to customers, so responses should be provided as quickly as possible. For the comfort of your team's work, it is worth integrating live chat with CRM.

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