End user

What is end user?

End users are those people who are responsible to generate customer requests from any source such as, Help-center, Facebook, e-mail, etc.

Customers are also referred to as end users as they use the product after it has been developed and marketed. The end user in terms of customers can be a person or an organization.

Frequently asked questions

Who is an end user?

An end user is the person who ultimately uses or intends to use the purchased product or service. End users are different from users such as system administrators, database administrators, technology experts, and developers because they are not technically skilled. These are all those people who inquire about customer service.

What is the role of an end user?

The role of end-users is to find bugs or flaws that cannot be traced by developers and those with specialist knowledge. In addition, end-users have a good understanding of the improvements that can be made to add value to products. Thanks to this, products and services can develop, and possible errors can be caught much faster.

Can you check who is an end user in LiveAgent?

To check who the end user is, you can check it in the LiveAgent panel. There, next to the list of individual tickets, you will find information about current users. You can regularly follow the history of each user. Thanks to this, you are up to date with the current balance.

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