Chat support

What is chat support?

Ask for help with your inquiries by chatting online with the customer support team. Agents will easily and in real-time answer your requests. Online chat support is a fast way how to solve your needs. An example of a great chatting tool is the Viber app.

Offering chat support to your clients comes with many benefits. Not only is it among the most popular modes of communication but you also don’t have to worry about playing phone tags. This way your customers can contact you quickly and effectively every time they need help.

Frequently asked questions

What is chat support?

Chat support is a form of synchronous messaging. Agent and client must be present at the same time. Typically, this communication channel is available on websites in the form of a popup dialog. Thanks to this, the agent can quickly provide information on what is bothering the customer.

Can you provide chat support using LiveAgent?

Of course, LiveAgent provides the ability to use chat as a communication tool with customers. It is currently one of the most popular communication channels between the customer and the brand.

What are the basic rules of chat support?

There are a few rules that you should keep in mind as the basic chat rules. The first is to maintain correct grammar and spelling. Errors make the customer service team less competent in the eyes of the customer. Another rule is the fastest possible response, so it's important that agents write quickly when they have a conversation. Another important rule is not to use acronyms and abbreviations. The use of such forms is not professional. It is similar with writing short "yes" and "no" answers. Always try to use complete sentences. Ready-made answers support the work of the customer service team, but don't send them out thoughtlessly. Agents should always personalize the response. It's nice when we address the client by name. The customer then feels that the service team is addressing him and is not one of many.

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