External e-mail domain

What is an external e-mail domain?

An external e-mail domain is an e-mail address that is associated with the company you are working for. For example, a person working for Shell Global Solutions would have an e-mail such as ‘thename@shell.com’. This shows that the person who you are e-mailing is an employee of the Shell Global Solutions.

This helps people recognize the authorization of the person, as you can’t have an external e-mail domain unless it has been authorized by the company you are working for. It automatically makes you a trusted person if you are working for a good multinational organization, as multinationals do not hire people who don’t meet their criteria.

Frequently asked questions

What is an external e-mail domain?

Usually, when working for a specific company, the e-mail address is associated with your company. For example, if you were working at XYZ, your email address would be abcde@XYZ.com. Then you know that the person is an employee of XYZ company. An external domain is one that is usually not authorized by your company (exceptions can happen).

Can you set an external email domain in LiveAgent?

You cannot directly configure an external email domain in LiveAgent. However, you can configure a rule that allows messages to be sent to an external email address. To do this, go to "Configuration", then click "Automation" and "Rules" and create a new rule.

Are external email domains safe?

An external domain may be secure, but it all depends on how it is secured. However, be careful whether a given domain is trusted and assess its security level.

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