What is a placeholder?

Alternative text used in email drafts that will be edited, based on the context of the email is called “placeholders.” For instance, if an employee uses an email draft that has a placeholder “hello,” the placeholder will be automatically substituted for the date of reply or the name of the employee.

Placeholders are primarily used for email notifications and predetermined responses, as they make emails appear more unique.

Frequently asked questions

What is a placeholder?

The placeholder is the alternative text used in draft emails. It is edited based on the message context. It is mainly used for email notifications and automatic messages.


What are the benefits of using placeholders?

Placeholders help you connect better with your audience by sending personalized messages using fields such as first name, email address, and a selection of custom fields. They allow you to create mass messages that automate your work.


Is it possible to use placeholders in LiveAgent?

You can use placeholders in LiveAgent. Thanks to their use, it is possible to personalize messages, and also support and facilitate the work of agents.


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