Host mapping

What is a host mapping?

Host mapping is a process of mapping your default domain URL to a URL of another domain. This way the URL can include your company’s name.

Your address is by default a LiveAgent subdomain. With host mapping it can be changed to a subdomain of your own domain. This modification has to be approved by your domain provider.

For example your default support page URL address may be Host mapping allows you to make the URL

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Frequently asked questions

What is host mapping?

Host Mapping is a process that allows you to map a default domain URL to a URL for another domain. This allows the URL to contain your company name. For example, the default support page URL might be Host mapping creates the URL


What is the role of host mapping?

Host mapping allows for better quality of the link that is being shared. It is easier to remember and also looks more professional. Thanks to this, customer service will be perceived at an even higher level.

Can you check host mapping in LiveAgent?

You can check host mapping in LiveAgent. You can do everything in the LiveAgent panel. Just enter "Configuration", then click "System" and "Domain Settings" and there you can insert your custom domain. This allows all agents to use the custom domain.

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Expert note

Host mapping is a crucial tool for businesses that rely on multiple domains. It enables efficient routing of customer inquiries to the appropriate department, allowing for quicker resolution and improved overall customer satisfaction.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
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Testimonials - Hostingadvice Com

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