Software support

What is software support?

After-sales assistance handled by a software creator or an agent shaped for solving issues with software who supplies updates and repairs bugs in software. It is a workplace or service that helps the users (customers, employees) of the institution. It is a contact point, a software solution that the user uses to solve the problem or report an error. It is most often possible to meet this concept in information systems and information and communication technologies.

Frequently asked questions

What is software support?

Software support is after-sales support that is handled by a software developer or agent who is a member of the customer support team. It is the point of contact between the users and the company offering the technical solution to assist in solving software problems.


Is software support important?

Software support is extremely important as agents provide answers to questions related to software support problems, provide updates, and fix bugs in software. This is a key solution that provides support in efficient use.


Does LiveAgent provide software support?

LiveAgent provides software support, so you can quickly learn how to solve a problem or learn about a software update. 


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Help Desk Software is here to manage relationships with customers. It is an online platform, where your agents can solve issues from customers.

Help desk software

Help desk software is an online platform used to manage relationships with customers and solve their issues. Every issue raised by a customer is turned into a ticket. Help desk software offers many benefits for both agents and customers, including assigning, prioritizing, and categorizing tickets, as well as access to a knowledge base and community forum for customers. Support software must have access to all communication channels, an intuitive interface, and the ability to cooperate with other agents. LiveAgent offers technical support software with multi-channel functionality, reports, and activity history.

Provide excellent online support to your customers and web visitors through a variety of channels and improve the success rate of your business.

Online support

Online support has become an essential aspect of customer service for all businesses, with countless advantages impacting customer satisfaction and affecting a company's long-term success and profitability. Offering online support means delivering customer service digitally through multiple channels such as email, live chat, social media platforms, messaging apps, etc. Gathering feedback, being proactive, and utilizing technology to improve support are all important. Companies need to avoid long response times, lack of personalization and empathy, insufficient training, ignoring customer feedback, and lack of monitoring and measurement. Online support provides convenience because it allows customers to access help at any time of the day, from anywhere, using channels they prefer.

LiveAgent integrates all above mentioned support channels in one app. LiveAgent is a multi-channel helpdesk so it integrates all above channels.

Support channel

Social support is the provision of customer service on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, crucial for brands targeting millennials. LiveAgent enables integration with these platforms, automatically transforming tweets and messages into tickets for agents to respond to. Social support is important for building a company's image and ensuring customer satisfaction. Frequently asked questions include the definition of social support, its importance for businesses, and LiveAgent's capability to provide social support. Additional resources are available for social media help desk features, providing social media customer service, social support benchmarks, and social media customer service software.

Support portal stores your knowledge base articles, forum posts and feedbacks from your customers. It supports your customers even when you're offline.

Support portal

A customer portal provides self-service access to product/company information and can improve customer satisfaction, engagement, and reduce support costs. Key features include a knowledge base, FAQ section, video tutorials, community forums, feedback/suggestion options, and ticket submission. Businesses should evaluate necessary features, customization options, ease of use, and security when choosing customer portal software. A helpdesk portal addresses technical support issues and provides customer service through call center, online chat, and email support. LiveAgent offers customizable helpdesk and customer portals with search widgets, feedback buttons, and multi-knowledge base functionality. Sign up for a free trial on their website.

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