Software support

What is software support?

After-sales assistance handled by a software creator or an agent shaped for solving issues with software who supplies updates and repairs bugs in software. It is a workplace or service that helps the users (customers, employees) of the institution. It is a contact point, a software solution that the user uses to solve the problem or report an error. It is most often possible to meet this concept in information systems and information and communication technologies.

Frequently asked questions

What is software support?

Software support is after-sales support that is handled by a software developer or agent who is a member of the customer support team. It is the point of contact between the users and the company offering the technical solution to assist in solving software problems.


Is software support important?

Software support is extremely important as agents provide answers to questions related to software support problems, provide updates, and fix bugs in software. This is a key solution that provides support in efficient use.


Does LiveAgent provide software support?

LiveAgent provides software support, so you can quickly learn how to solve a problem or learn about a software update. 


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