CRON job

What is a CRON job?

Cron jobs help you schedule and run certain tasks on your server. Cron jobs are used to automating tasks that run on the background periodically, e.g. in web applications like LiveAgent. Cron is a time-based task or job organizer in operating systems based on Unix (Mac OS, Linux, FreeOSBD etc.). These scheduled jobs or tasks are referred to as Cron Jobs.There are various circumstances when an online app may need certain task to run habitually. For example, Send emails in bulk or fetch data.


Here is a simple cron job:

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/php /www/virtual/username/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

Frequently asked questions

What are CRON jobs?

Cron Job is a command that is used to schedule jobs to be executed in the future. Most often it is used to schedule tasks to be performed periodically, such as notifications every Monday at 12.00.

What are CRON jobs used for?

Cron Jobs can be used if you have a site where accounts have expiration dates. The Cron can then be programmed to automatically deactivate or delete account data. Another functionality may be the mass sending of daily e-mails. You can also use Cron Jobs to check the content of your website. Cron Jobs then allows you to find broken links.

Can you set CRON jobs in LiveAgent?

Cron jobs can be set in LiveAgent. To do this, open the Cron Tasks desktop and click the "Cron Task" button. Then set the cron run interval and copy the Cron Job URL. In the "URL to connect" field enter: Next, select the frequency of cron jobs. After clicking "Create Cron Job" everything is set up.

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Expert note

CRON jobs are valuable tools for automating tasks and improving efficiency in customer service management. Their scheduling capabilities allow for timely and consistent execution of important tasks.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
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Store customer data and keep information in your tickets with Ticket/Customer Insights (CRM). That way, you can be always prepared and knowledgeable.

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