Tel link protocol

Tel-link protocols are used for setting up calling options online (click-to-call). By using a tel-link protocol a phone number call link is created on a website, usually in a form of a text link, button or image. By clicking on this link, customers can start a direct phone call connected to a phone number of your choice. Most modern web browsers support automatic number detection, so phone numbers get automatically turned into links. Sometimes you might want to do it by yourself.

Customers do not need to download software other than standard plugins, such as Flash. This removes concerns about downloading harmful software, such as malware or spyware. A lot of click-to-call technology is a clientless web-to-phone service, which means the call takes place outside the user’s computer.

Providing customers with a click to call option is a valuable option since it allows customers to communicate directly with your agents.

It’s simple. Copy the code below to your website and replace the phone number between the quotation marks with your own.

After you save the changes, you should see your phone number hyperlinked on your website. After your customers click on the link a phone communication between them and your agent is set up.

<a href="tel:1-234-567-1111">1-234-567-1111</a>
<a href="tel:1-234-567-1111">Click to Call</a>

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Frequently asked questions

Tel link is a telephone link used on websites. Simply said, it makes your phone number clickable. Therefore, whenever the customer wants to contact you, he/she can click on the link and connect with your customer support right away. 

Simply, customize/replace the phone number and the text you would like your customers to see on your website in the following HTML telephone link template:<a href="tel:1-234-567-1111">1-234-567-1111</a> <a href="tel:1-234-567-1111">Click to Call</a>

Should I put my mobile phone number on my website?

Tel Link is a beneficial addition to any website/business looking to provide better customer service/support. The benefits usually include improved customer satisfaction and customer relationships. Moreover, it can increase your sales or, in general, conversions.


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Expert note

Tel link protocol allows for click-to-call options on websites, improving customer service and reducing barriers to communication.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
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Call tagging is a feature that allows for labels to be put on phone calls based on context, making it easier to categorize customer interactions. It is important for businesses as it allows for more streamlined contact center processes, call analysis, trend identification, and personalized customer service. Using call tagging can also help identify dissatisfied customers and improve the overall customer experience. Common tags include technical support, sales, and complaints. Creating custom tags depends on the software used. In call center operations, tagging is important for staying organized and being able to navigate a high volume of calls.

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Call buttons are click-to-call buttons that enable website visitors to call your business automatically. Adding call buttons to your website is an excellent way to reduce customer effort, increase customer satisfaction and improve their experience with your business. LiveAgent's call center software provides pre-made call buttons with different alignment options or you can create a custom button using your own HTML code. The call button works by establishing a PC to PC or mobile to PC call, and the support agents answer the call directly inside LiveAgent. Creating and deploying a call button is easy with LiveAgent, with customizations available for button animation, colors, positioning, text, mobile appearance, and hover appearance.

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Yootel is a VoIP operator founded in 2012 that offers many features such as IP telephony, Centrex, Trunk Sip, unified communication, and management solutions for contact centers. It provides excellent customer support and is easy to use. By integrating Yootel with LiveAgent, businesses can establish a call center to improve customer relationships, gain new customers, and provide general customer service. LiveAgent's advanced features like custom IVR, call transfers, and call recording make it easy to manage and run a call center.

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The article discusses the benefits of using ClickSend with LiveAgent for businesses to manage contact lists, send SMS/MMS messages, and improve customer support workflow. It explains the concept of click-to-email, its importance, how it works, and its use in conjunction with click-to-call. The article also provides instructions on making a click-to-email link and highlights the downsides of the feature. The Contact Us button versus click-to-email link is also compared. Overall, LiveAgent's ticketing system is recommended for efficient email communication.

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