Agent panel

What is an agent panel?

It is a tool that allows agents to effectively interact with LiveAgent help desk software, but it can be found among many other similar help desk software solutions. It is a convenient way for them to access all the functionalities and features so they can stay on top of their tasks.

When agents log in to their LiveAgent accounts, they can find the agent panel on the left side of the agent interface. From there, they can configure and adjust account settings, add or remove users, create an agent group, manage privileges (in case of an admin role), activate the plugin, and much more. However, in their daily tasks, the panel mainly allows them to work with customer profiles, access support tickets they receive, interact with a dashboard, communicate with customers using live chat, or use the call center features.

The convenience of the agent panel lies in the fact that all the customer interactions can be initiated, accessed, and managed from one place. This not only helps boost agent productivity, and minimize their idle time, but what’s even more important, it shortens customer waiting times, boosts their satisfaction, and improves the overall customer experience.

Improve your customer service

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the agent panel located in LiveAgent?

You can access it after you log into your LiveAgent account. You can navigate your way to the left side of the window from where you’ll be able to initiate, continue, and manage customer interactions, configure your account, set up automation rules, and many more.

What can you do in the agent panel?

Agent panel is a convenient tool that allows agents to perform all their daily tasks from one place. Among its most important capabilities you can use is the ability to manage all customer communication. You can initiate, continue and manage all the customer interactions on multiple channels allowing for a truly omnichannel coherent experience. You can also access the company knowledge base where the knowledge articles are accessible. Another capability of an agent panel is to configure your and other agents’ accounts if you have the admin role. These can be language preferences, notification preferences, and more.

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Expert note

An agent panel is a tool that allows agents to manage all customer communication and access all features of the help desk software from one place, resulting in improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
LiveAgent offers over 15 advanced live chat features that'll help you engage with your customers and provide better customer service.

Live chat features

LiveAgent offers over 15 advanced live chat features that'll help you engage with your customers and provide better customer service.

Agent signature is a personalized signature of each agent. A signature can be added to canned messages, templates. Create a signature in LiveAgent settings!

Agent signature

The article provides an explanation of an agent panel tool and its benefits for managing customer interactions. The tool is accessible from the left side of the agent interface and can minimize idle time, leading to shorter waiting times, increased satisfaction, and improved customer experience. The agent panel also allows for omnichannel communication, access to the company knowledge base, and agent preferences configuration. The article also mentions LiveAgent's demo, pricing, features, and integrations. It ends with a note on the use of cookies on their website.

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