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What is a chat tool?

Chat tools are often browser-based and enable users to start chatting with other users in real-time. Chat tools enable users to transmit text messages, images, videos, and hyperlinks. Advanced chat tools enable users to share screens and even voice and video calls.

How can you use a chat tool?

Tons of companies utilize chat tools on their websites to make themselves more accessible to customers. By adding a chat widget onto your website, your company will be able to receive feedback and questions from website visitors and customers.

Why should you use a live chat tool?

Utilizing a chat tool is the most cost-effective way of converting a website visitor into a paying customer. By answering your potential customer’s questions in a timely manner, you’re significantly decreasing the chance of them switching over to the competition. In addition to that, it’s an easy and efficient way of contacting people around the world. Your customers can be ina completely different part of the world, and contact you with ease.

What other functions do chat tools have?

Aside from the transmission of text messages, images, videos, and links, chat tools provide users with a multitude of functions. Advanced chat tools found in live chat software allow users to utilize pre-chat forms, offline forms, pro-active chat invitations and even track website visitors. Utilizing these advanced features enables agents to collect additional information from website visitors, which helps agents answer their customer queries more efficiently.

How can you make a chat tool?

To add a chat tool to your website, you’ll have to use live chat software.

What is live chat software?

A live chat software is a tool that is often a part of a bigger help desk solution utilized by customer service teams. A live chat software enables you to chat with customers in real-time and converts your live chat conversations into tickets, that are stored inside a universal inbox. To learn more about live chat software, check out this link.

How to close more deals with live chat?

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