Mail loop

What is a mail loop?

Mail loop is an unwanted chain reaction, which can occur during mail communication. The cause of this is automatic acknowledgement of emails configured on your software. Every time a machine with pre-configured email answering receives an email, it sends an automatic reply to the sender. However, if the sender also possesses this feature, an endless mail loop is created between these two machines.

Frequently asked questions

What does a mail loop mean?

E-mail loop is a terminated loop caused by mail servers, scripts, or mail clients that generate automatic replies. The way this works is that if one auto-reply triggers another auto-reply on the other side, an email loop is created. This process may continue until the mailbox is locked or the mail sending limit is reached.


How to avoid mail loops?

To avoid message loops, you can add appropriate tags to allow the system to recognize the message and stop the loop running. This can also be done manually if someone has access to the box.


Why are mail loops harmful to the effectiveness of company's communication?

Mail loops waste system resources, eat up the amount of mail in your organization, and also sends error NDRs or bounce messages to the original senders. This affects both the company's communication results and may overload the system responsible for communication.


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