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What is a Web widget?

Web widget, also called a contact widget, is a strip of code HTML/Javascript embedded to your website. A web widget can be shown in the form of a chat button, pre-chat invitation, contact form, or a feedback form.

Here’s what a typical web widget looks like:

Liveagent Chat animation

Frequently asked questions

What is a web widget?

A web widget is a web application or a page element that is built into the website but is independent of it. The widget requests access to content that the page cannot access. It can have different forms, e.g. a chat button or a contact form.

How can I embed LiveAgent live chat widget to a website?

Live chat is a very popular customer support channel. Thanks to it, the help obtained by customers is fast and timely. How to integrate the widget with your website? Choose a live chat provider. There are many options on the market, so be sure to read them carefully to choose the best one that suits your business needs. Register on the site. Most of the software offers a trial period of their tool, so if you are unsure, subscribe to the software for a trial period. Add a live chat button to your website. After registering, you select the button and paste the HTML code on your website. Customize the live chat widget. You can adjust the widget accordingly, e.g. by modifying the designs of online and offline buttons, chat windows, language, text, and the way the chat is displayed. Enable proactive chat invitations. The proactivity feature is common among chat spiders. You can define whether you want it to be displayed on every page or only on selected subpages. Create a list of ready-made answers. Ready answers automate your work and thus improve it.

What does the web widget look like?

The live chat widget usually looks like a messenger. There may be, for example, a bar or a circle on the website that, when clicked (or automatically), opens a chat and conversation window. They are usually not large and take up a smaller part of the site.

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