Code of practice

What is a code of practice?

Give instructions to members of your company by Code of Practice. It is written guideline, that should help to follow company’s ethical principles. Code of practice commands how your customer representative should work and provide a support, communicate with clients or how to get a new customers.

Codes of practice also help to guarantee a safety by analyzing risks and they specify conditions of quality services and products in order to protect and care about customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is a code of practice?

The Code of Conduct is a guideline that helps company members adhere to ethical principles. It defines how the customer representative should work, what are the standards of communication and acquiring new customers. It should also ensure safety through risk analysis and define the conditions for the quality of products and services.

Does every department need a code of practice?

The code of practice describes certain behaviors at work. It is not required by law, but it is good to have a code that will apply to employees. Such a document will definitely facilitate the work of the team, as well as the enforcement and implementation of tasks.

What areas should a code of practice cover?

The Code of Practice does not replace the laws and regulations. It deals with occupational health and safety and is helpful in a specific organization or department. It does not have such authority as the law, but the persons concerned are bound by it.

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Expert note

Following a Code of Practice is essential for providing high-quality customer service. It sets a standard for businesses to follow and ensures that customers receive the support they deserve.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
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Customer service reporting

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Customer service reviews

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Call Center Compliance

Call center compliance involves following certain rules, such as call center security and PCI compliance. Personal data breaches and internal threats, such as temporary employees or internal hackers, pose significant risks to call centers. External threats are also on the rise. Improving call center security is essential to avoid damage to reputation, penalties, and staff retention. The PCI-DSS standard is important for improving payment data storage. Adhering to PCI compliance entails encrypting sensitive data, implementing access control measures and avoiding certain practices that can compromise security.

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