E-mail forwarding

What is e-mail forwarding?

E-mail forwarding allows for you to forward an e-mail from your domain e-mail address to another e-mail address. For example, you can use your personal e-mail address (name@domain.com) to forward any e-mail to your Gmail, Hotmail etc. e-mail address.

E-mail forwarding is also used to redirect e-mails to a certain e-mail address. This is helpful for businessmen who have several e-mail accounts. Different e-mail addresses can be given to different clients. It will help the clients read the e-mail in one server, but would have been sent to different e-mail addresses. It will prevent the flooding of e-mails in the mailbox.

Frequently asked questions

How does e-mail forwarding work?

E-mail redirection is the operation of resending an e-mail that has been delivered to a specific address, to another address or to more consecutive e-mail addresses. So the email is moved to the new destination. This term is also used to transfer e-mails on the server and to the client.

What is the role of e-mail forwarding?

The purpose of forwarding an e-mail message is primarily to quickly transfer the entire message to a person who should have access to it, needs this data or is provided with relevant information. By forwarding e-mail, you can have access to all correspondence.

Does LiveAgent offer e-mail forwarding feature?

LiveAgent offers e-mail forwarding. This is an important facilitation of the work of each agent. This way tickets for each client are created, and they can easily be transferred between individual agents and this ensures continuity of communication

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