Customer tracking software

What is customer tracking software?

Customer tracking software fits your corporation’s needs. With this software, you have all data saved and they can be found any time you need them. If somebody wanted to make a purchase but decided to wait, you can follow up with all your chat or phone records when he will show his interest again. Tracking system allows you to add notes to the conversations and helps to get to know the customer.

Frequently asked questions

How to define customer tracking software?

Customer tracking software is a system that allows you to know the entire history of customer relationships. All customer contact points and topics discussed are stored there. It supports identifying any problems that the customer may have in your company, and also supports the customization of phone calls and messages.

What are the principles of customer tracking software?

Customer tracking software should record a history of customer contacts and customer actions taken against the company. Thanks to this, customer service has the ability to analyze customer behavior. This supports the improvement of customer service, organization activities and building the image of the organization.

What tools to use to provide the best customer tracking software?

LiveAgent is a great solution for customer purchase. It allows you to collect information about your customers and their activities with your store and customer service. It also allows you to add notes to conversations and meet the customer. This allows you to personalize contacts with specific customers in the future.

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