Service management software

What is service management software?

Service management software, also known as an information technology service management, is a program that companies use to manage service providing to their customers. This kind of software is very helpful for every company – it helps with analysing, troubleshooting, order management, decision making and with many other activities. All activities are implemented to meet the customer’s needs. Every software offers different functions and features.

Service management software is a great way of how to optimize the company’s technology. It reduces costs and saves time.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define service management software?

Service management software is software that allows companies to manage the way they provide services to their customers. Services include order management, hardware maintenance, software maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as routine operations.


What are the types of service management software?

The service management software allows you to manage activities related to legal regulations, human resources management, make decisions on introduced changes or control the application version. Each type provides a similar set of features - multi-site support, scheduling, submission, and reporting.


Is LiveAgent service management software?

LiveAgent acts as service management software. This allows you to optimize the company's technology, reduce costs and save time.


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