Preview dialer

What is a preview dialer?

A preview dialer is one of the auto dialing systems used in outbound call centers along with other types of automated dialers. The preview dialer system automatically picks a contact record from the call list based on your outbound campaign settings and sends it to an agent who can review the contact details, including the contact history and other available contextual information prior to placing the call. After previewing the customer record, the call center agent can either go ahead with the call or reject it and move to the next number on the contact list.

Unlike progressive and predictive dialers that don’t offer the agent the option to either proceed with the call or skip it, with preview dialers agents have complete control over the dialing process and can manage contact review time. Since agents can prescreen accurate information on leads or customers and get better prepared for the interaction before placing the call, that ensures more successful calls with a positive business outcome and more powerful customer connections.

While all businesses (small, mid-sized, and large) can benefit from using autodialing software and preview dialers, they may be particularly helpful for outbound contact centers with complex sales campaigns where customer research is typically required before making phone calls.

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Benefits of preview dialers

Fewer dropped calls

With the preview dialing mode, there are no delays in connecting calls that are quite common when using other types of auto dialers (such predictive dialer and progressive dialer). Customers or prospects can talk to agents immediately once the call is connected which means reduced dropped calls.

Increased agent performance and efficiency

Empowering call center agents with the critical background information about the prospect or the client on the other end prior to making the call allows them to make more meaningful conversations, helps boost agent performance and productivity and ultimately close more deals.

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Improved customer engagement

Since agents are armed with the comprehensive information about each contact before placing the call, they are better equipped to deal with prospects or customers on a more personalized level which helps improve customer engagement.

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Frequently asked questions

How does a preview dialer work in a call center?

In the preview outbound dialing mode, the outbound campaign call request is automatically selected from the file of contacts based on the calling campaign settings and is routed to the agent screen. The agent can preview the lead record and decide whether to place the call by clicking the phone call icon or skip it and move on to the next number on the campaign call list. Once the agent completes the current call the preview dialing software routes the next call request to the agent screen.

What are the benefits of preview dialers?

When using preview auto dialer software, prospects or customers are instantly connected to agents which eliminates potentially long wait times and results in fewer dropped calls. In addition, since agents are provided with the insights on every contact prior to placing the call, that allows for better engagement and improves agent efficiency.

Is preview dialer part of LiveAgent?

As a complex contact center software solution, LiveAgent comes with built-in inbound call center and outbound call center capabilities. Though preview dialer isn’t part of the LiveAgent’s system, it offers the click-to-call dialing mode that allows agents to place outbound calls right when they are visiting your prospects’ websites.

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