Support request

What is a support request?

A support request is a query from a customer or a visitor of your website asking a question relevant to your business, product or service. Support request usually consists of a subject and body, sometimes additional categorization can be present.

A support request can be submitted directly as an email sent to your support email address (e.g., or through a contact form widget embedded at your website. A facebook message or a call can be also considered a support request but technically speaking the term support request is mostly associated with questions submitted electronically.

Frequently asked questions

What is meant by a support request?

A support request is an inquiry from a customer or visitor to your company's website with a question about your business, service or product. You can send them through available communication channels. 


Who is responsible for handling support requests?

The agents responsible for customer service are responsible for handling support requests. Their task is to help solve the problem and provide specific support to the person submitting the report.


Where in LiveAgent can you access all support requests?

In LiveAgent, access to all support requests can be found in the Tickets tab. Some agents may have limited access and only see the tickets they are assigned to, and the administrator and owner can see all tickets.


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