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What is online chat?

Everything started with Talkomatic – the first online chat system in the world, which offered just several channels. Nowadays, we have plenty of online chat programs, which offer many functions and features. These programs allow people to communicate in real-time with others through the Internet. This communication is also called online chat. Using Viber and similar apps have become an inseparable part of customer communication for modern companies.

Online communication has also some basic rules. Chatiquette, also known as chat etiquette, was created in order to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts.

Using online chat prevents things like phone tag from happening, which not only saves time but can also have a tremendous impact on customer experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is an online chat?

Online chat is a program that allows you to communicate in real time with other people over the Internet. It can be accessed directly in the browser or communicate via the application.


What are the benefits of an online chat?

The advantages of online chat include the ability to quickly respond to a customer's problem. Thanks to this, the entire company has a chance to increase conversions and prevent cart abandonment, because the customer will receive a quick response to the problem. In addition, it reduces service costs and increases the efficiency of the customer service team. It also allows you to collect customer data.


Does LiveAgent provide online chat?

LiveAgent provides live chat support. It has the fastest widget on the market and allows for efficient communication. You also have the option of any online chat configuration according to your needs.


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