Voice of customer

What is the voice of a customer?

Voice of customer is a process where the expectations and preferences of a customer are captured. It is a form of feedback from the customer about the experience that they have had while dealing with the company’s product.

The feedback is received by calls or e-mails which are generally generated by the marketing team of the company. This process helps the company improve their reputation and products to live up to the expectations of their customers. It gives the customers a satisfactory feeling about the product they are buying as the company is ready to take initiative to serve them better.

Frequently asked questions

What is the voice of the customer?

Voice of customer means the process of gaining customer expectations, preferences and experiences – both positive and negative – with your services. Thanks to it, we can collect both numerical and qualitative data.

Why is the voice of the customer important?

The voice of the client is extremely important, if not the most important. By listening to the client's voice, you make sure that: the client stayed with your brand as long as possible, he could see that his opinion mattered, Your profits were greater, stand out from the competition, a satisfied customer will promote the brand.

How can you improve your voice of customer score?

To improve your voice of customers, you can introduce several processes or start using tools that will make your work easier. First, you can automate your customer service. Thanks to this, greater efficiency is possible, as the repetitive activities no longer take up working time. If a large percentage of customers come with a single query, they can get an answer automatically, or at least they can be referred to the FAQ. Secondly - the customer has a lot of contact channels to choose from. Therefore, it is worth using the omnichannel tool that will allow you to monitor the history of communication in one place. The third important point is very good customer service management. You should look for solutions that enable human resource management in combination with KPI definition and presentation of results. The last point is independence from IT departments. The idea is that all the activities that are relatively simple and do not require specialist knowledge can be performed by the customer service department.

How do you get the voice of customer?

You can use various tools to gain the voice of customers. Examples of tools are: A customer survey in which you ask questions important to your brand. Surveys can be more elaborate and consist of several parts. It all depends on what information you need. Filters that will sort the information. These can be, for example: dissatisfied customer, the results of a conversation with the customer, open loop and a case in progress. Voice of Customer alert. Thanks to this, you will receive notifications about Voice of Customer. Creating reports. Reports allow you to monitor and analyze what is happening.

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