Team leader

Who is a team leader?

A team leader is a person who is in charge of a team. In customer service, team leaders usually lead teams of 5-10 agents. They are responsible for day-to-day tasks, making sure their team stays focused and customers stay satisfied.

Team leader in LiveAgent is usually assigned with the Admin role to have access to Reports, setups and configurations.

Frequently asked questions

Who is a team leader?

A team leader is a person who provides support to a team of agents, shares his knowledge, takes care of the team's development, the comfort of their work, and supervises their activities. He is also the person who leads the team's performance and prioritizes the team's tasks. 


What are the responsibilities of a team leader?

The team leader should primarily support the team in its work. He should provide training in achieving goals and developing the necessary skills to work in a specific position in a team. He should develop the strengths of the team and support in correcting weaknesses. He defines the team's goals and evaluates its progress. He should also resolve conflicts. He should also organize joint meetings and other team initiatives.


Is it possible to choose a team leader in LiveAgent software?

In LiveAgent, the Team Leader can be designated as an administrator. He then has access to all agent tickets.


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