Smart rules

What are smart rules?

Smart Rules are a synonym for what we call Rules at LiveAgent. Rules help you automize your workflow, reduce workload and provide higher efficiency. Rules are triggered when certain conditions are met. Every rule consists of a condition and action.

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Frequently asked questions

What are smart rules?

Intelligent policies, or otherwise known as rules, help automate your workflow, reduce workload, and increase agent productivity. They consist of specific conditions and actions. They are triggered by a specific action.


How can you use smart rules?

Intelligent rules can be used, for example, when a ticket is created from an e-mail, the ticket status changes, the ticket is defined as spam, the ticket is passed from one agent to another, the agent is judged to see if the ticket tags have changed.


Are smart rules provided by LiveAgent?

Smart rules are provided by LiveAgent. You will find all the rules and the ability to create them in the Rules tab.


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