Self service

What is self service?

Everyone has their own ways to find solutions to problems they face. Some follow the norm, while some follow others, and obviously, there are those who follow what is easy for them. Self-service is when you try to find solutions to issues yourself rather than contacting customer service.

It’s a very hassle-free way of finding solutions to issues. It does not require you to wait on call for an extended time, nor does it require you to send e-mails and wait for the reply.

Automated self service opens up new opportunities for your clients to resolve their queries in no time. On top of that, this advanced option frees up your agents to focus on more demanding issues.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define self service?

Self-service is when you try to find solutions to problems yourself without contacting customer service. The customer can do this by reading the FAQ, consulting the knowledge base, or by using the articles and guides available.

What are the benefits of customer self service?

The customer does not have to wait for a reaction from the customer service, which saves time. Due to this, the customer gets to know the product and the brand better, and may also increase the level of his own satisfaction. If he uses the quality content offered by the company, the value of the organization in his eyes will surely increase as well.

Does LiveAgent offer self service?

LiveAgent offers self-service. You can create a knowledge base that will contain all the issues that customers need, thanks to which they will solve their problem efficiently.

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