Security policy

What is security policy?

Security Policy sets the rules and methodology for all people that access a company’s IT infrastructure whether it’s web-based or offline. The purpose of a Security policy is the conservation of confidentiality, unity, and accessibility of the apparatus and information used by an organization’s members.

The security policy is an essential part of your IT help desk ticketing software and it shouldn’t be overlooked while you’re deciding on the right solution for your business. On top of protecting your internal data, you need to make sure that you’re complying with applicable laws and regulations regarding customer data.

Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of security policy?

A security policy is a document of an organization that defines how to protect the organization against threats, e.g., computer security, and how to act when dangerous situations occur.


What information should every security policy include?

A security policy should secure the company from all sides and take into account all its assets. It should cover all software, hardware devices, physical parameters, human resources, information / data, access control in its scope.


Where can you find LiveAgent’s security policy?

LiveAgent's security rules can be found on the Security & Privacy Policy subpage, which is available in the footer of the page.


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Expert note

In today's digital age, having a strong Security Policy in place is crucial for all businesses to prevent costly data breaches and protect both the company and its customers.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Surveys and interviews that are filled by customers are called customer service surveys. They help to monitor and track the satisfaction of the customers.

Customer service survey

The article discusses the importance of customer satisfaction surveys and how they can be distributed through various channels such as email, newsletters, chat messengers, and social media. The optimal distribution route should be chosen by conducting specific analysis. Milestone surveys should also be sent to customers at key moments in their journey. The article includes related resources and information about LiveAgent customer service software.

If you are using Silverstripe for your website and want to integrate it with LiveAgent’s chat button, you can do it quickly. Check out how.


Silverstripe is a content management system for creating and maintaining websites. It supports responsive design, heavy load optimizations and configurable security. Silverstripe works across platforms and supports various models like Blog, eCommerce, and LDAP/OpenId authentication. To provide customer support, LiveAgent’s live chat widget can be easily integrated into Silverstripe website. Live chat is a convenient tool for customers to get their queries addressed quickly and it can also help increase sales. Proactive chat invitations and real-time typing view are some of the advanced features provided by LiveAgent.

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Software as a service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to the delivery of software applications over the internet. SaaS offers businesses ready-to-use solutions with benefits that include quick deployment, accessibility, and scalability. The applications work through cloud delivery, and users only need an Internet connection to access the service. Examples of SaaS products include Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Zoom. SaaS has many advantages, including reduced software management, affordable pricing, and flexible subscription models. To create your own SaaS, you need to research the market, plan the product and features, determine SaaS requirements, and choose the technology stack.

There are many ways how to deliver a quality customer service. It can be about understanding customer needs, or using a quality help desk, such as LiveAgent.

Effective customer service

Effective customer service is essential for any business, and customer support software like a ticketing system can help organize and streamline the process. Offering excellent customer service means going above and beyond to satisfy the customer's needs, which can be accomplished through well-trained staff with good soft skills and empathy. Common mistakes that negatively affect effective customer service include improper agent training and a bad approach to customers, such as not listening to them or failing to gather feedback. Overall, understanding and meeting customer needs is key to providing quality service.

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