Organic vs Paid Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our society. It is a platform for connecting with friends and family, shopping online, making money, and increasingly also for marketing purposes. Marketing on social platforms can be free or paid.

What are the main differences between paid social media and organic?

They both…

… involve engaging with existing and winning new audiences on social media platforms to promote, sell, and advertise your product, business or brand. They both use existing social platforms and require a social media presence. And, to be used effectively, they both need some skill.


… organic social media is free.

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Is paid better than organic?

It depends on your budget and business goal. Some say that organic social posts are more genuine. On the other hand, paid can target an audience better but may hurt you more than help if done incorrectly, because you lose money and time. The good news is that using them effectively can be learned. In fact, combining both strategies makes the most sense.

Both strategies fail if there is no delivery on the promises or if you don’t respond to the followers on social media.

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Frequently asked questions

Is organic social media dead?

No. But it has undoubtedly changed a lot. To use its potential, it is important to adapt to these changes. As long as people interact on social media, there will be an organic aspect to it.

Why post organic social content?

To maintain an organic social presence of your brand, interact with and support current customers, inform them about news and groom your relationship.

How to combine paid and organic social media?

Acquire the skills to use them both to their best potential. For example, use organic for maintaining good, supportive relationships with current customers and paid for reaching out to new target audiences.

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