Light agent

What is a light agent?

Light agent is a limited agent role, which you can assign to a limited number of your agents. Light agents are only permitted to perform certain actions, such as viewing tickets and reports, creating topics in agent-only forums or adding private comments to tickets within their groups. However, light agents are not allowed to edit tickets or be assigned to them.

This role is not available in LiveAgent

Frequently asked questions

What is a light agent?

Light agent is an agent with limited powers. They can be informed about tickets and can help if necessary by adding private comments to the ticket. The comments of such agents are private.


What’s the role of light agent?

Light agent is a limited agent role that can be assigned to a limited number of agents. They can only perform certain activities and, above all, have a supporting function. However, they cannot edit the tickets nor can they be assigned to the tickets.


Can you find light agents in LiveAgent?

The light agent role is not available in LiveAgent. The roles you can use are agent, administrator and owner roles.


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Expert note

Light agent is a limited agent role that can be assigned to a limited number of agents, offering support functions but cannot edit or be assigned to tickets.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Agent role is an important part of your helpdesk software. Agents deal with customers and provide support. They have to have a great communication skills.


The term "agent" refers to a person who acts on behalf of another, solving problems and supporting clients for better results. An agent in LiveAgent should have a good understanding of company matters relevant to the client. To assign an agent role in LiveAgent, go to "Configuration" and select the "Agents" tab, then fill out their information and assign a role. Help desk agents provide technical assistance to customers and answer questions through various channels. LiveAgent offers various tools for organizing and managing agents, such as department groups and software agents for simulation and regulatory mechanisms. Assigning roles to agents can boost productivity and improve customer service.

Agent signature is a personalized signature of each agent. A signature can be added to canned messages, templates. Create a signature in LiveAgent settings!

Agent signature

The article provides an explanation of an agent panel tool and its benefits for managing customer interactions. The tool is accessible from the left side of the agent interface and can minimize idle time, leading to shorter waiting times, increased satisfaction, and improved customer experience. The agent panel also allows for omnichannel communication, access to the company knowledge base, and agent preferences configuration. The article also mentions LiveAgent's demo, pricing, features, and integrations. It ends with a note on the use of cookies on their website.

Staff agent

LiveAgent is a customer service software that enables the creation and management of agent groups, allowing for effective handling of inquiries. There are three main agent roles - agent, admin, and owner - each with their own set of privileges. Assigning roles to agents can boost productivity and help provide exceptional customer service. LiveAgent also offers virtual agent groups and various integrations. The software is currently being installed after sign up.

Agent Interface means that agent has full power of everything related to him when he logs in. He can manage, customize and set his profile as he wants to.

Agent interface

LiveAgent offers customer support through a variety of channels including email, chat and phone. Agents require communication skills and tech-savviness to troubleshoot issues. LiveAgent also supports the use of software agents and the creation of agent groups to improve customer service efficiency. Virtual agent groups can work together to handle inquiries. Customers can enjoy a free trial and companies can request a demo to learn more about the features and integrations available.

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