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What is a help app?

A help application is a program that is used to handle a specific file type, other than HTML files, GIF, JPEG image files – to handle file types that browser can not. It is necessary to download a help application and to inform the browser about the name of app. It runs in its own window as individual program. The alternative of a help app is a plug-in. It automatically runs in the browser’s window.

Frequently asked questions

How to define help app?

The help app is a program that is used to handle files that the browser cannot handle. For the program to work, it is necessary to download the application and inform the browser about the name of the application. It works as an individual program. An alternative to the help app is a plugin.

What is the role of help app?

The help app supports the operation of the customer service program. It enables direct contact with the customer and the management of these contacts. Thanks to it, you can operate outside the web browser environment, if there is such a need.

Is LiveAgent a help app?

LiveAgent is a help app. It helps in conducting wide-ranging activities in the field of customer service. It allows you to conduct conversations in multiple channels, report and analyze data, collect customer contact history, and manage a support team.

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