Customer service videos

What are customer service videos?

Customer service video is a short video that offers a big value to customer representatives. These videos offer you incredible stories of support from organizations around the world. They show you ways how to raise a customer satisfaction and how to build loyal relationships.

There are three types of customer service videos – funny videos, training videos or videos about inspiring leaders on customer service. It is a great way to learn and improve communication skills and techniques.

Frequently asked questions

What are customer service videos?

Customer Service Videos are movies that deal with the topic of customer service. These can be, for example, speeches by experts and industry leaders, as well as people closely related to the customer service area. These are materials that can support and help develop your customer service.

How to use customer service videos?

Customer service videos are a huge dose of knowledge in the area of customer service and relationships. They are a source of inspiration that you should translate into your work in the customer service team, as well as creating new strategies. It is also an important source of learning about the current trends in customer service, thanks to which you can improve it.

Can you use customer service videos in LiveAgent?

Of course, you can find customer service videos in LiveAgent. These are both tutorial videos to help you run great customer service, and videos with added substantive value. It is worth watching them to take your customer service to the next level.

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