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Brand advocate

Who is a brand advocate?

One way to get repeat customers is through employing people to act as brand advocates. These people or customers talk positively and likely about a brand or product. They are recommending a product or service to other people. Brand advocate can be a famous person or someone with strong brand knowledge. They trust in the product or service they are helping to promote and advertise by word-of-mouth marketing. It is a perfect way to create all important customer relationship moments.

Frequently asked questions

Who is a brand advocate?

A brand advocate is a person who promotes your brand through word of mouth marketing. Brand supporters share positive reviews about the service or product offered by your company. Such people should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

What role do brand advocates have?

The brand's advocates act as ambassadors. They give positive reviews about your service or product and spread the word about your brand. Potential new customers can read their recommendations before interacting with your brand. Another added value is that, thanks to brand advocates, you can expand your clients' personas with specific features.

What is the best way to get brand advocates?

If your company wants to get brand advocates, you should watch out for user communication channels. Perhaps many of them are already providing content. You cannot save on likes and sharing user generated content. You can reward people who stand out in your community, for example in the form of gadgets or discounts. It's also nice for them to receive a personalized message from your brand.

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