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Agent alias

What is an Agent alias?

What is an agent alias?

What is an Agent alias?Agent Alias is a special type of feature in a help desk software. This feature allows agents to be able to communicate with all customers under an unreal name. Their real names are kept in a secret by setting up the Agent Alias.

By editing agents profile it is possible to setup the alias. During answering calls, chats or emails customer see just a fake name. But other agents see agent’s real name.


What are alias names?

An alias is an alternate name for something or someone. On a daily basis, we meet when someone uses a pseudonym. In technology, we meet this term when we want to name something simpler or more understandable. There can be several aliases for one defined object

How to connect alias to your LiveAgent account?

The Alias agent is one feature of the support software that allows the agent to communicate with all customers anonymously rather than under its own name. LiveAgent doesn’t have such a feature yet.

How many aliases can I connect to LiveAgent?

LiveAgent does not yet have an Agent Alias feature, so you cannot merge any aliases yet.

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