Account administrator

Who is an account administrator?

An account administrator is a person who manages your LiveAgent account. It’s a key person that supports team workflow, thus choosing the right admin is essential.

Here are some skills your admin should possess:

  • Attention to detail
  • Software proficiency skills
  • Project management skills
  • Problem-solving skills (Analysis, Research, Decision making)
  • Strategic skills
  • Organization skills
  • Interpersonal skills (Responsibility, Flexibility, Dependability)

How to set up an administrator in LiveAgent?

  1. Log in to your LiveAgent account
  2. Navigate to Configurations
  3. Click on Agents
  4. Create the admin role by clicking on the orange plus button OR
  5. Edit an existing agent’s role by clicking on the pencil on the right side
  6. Proceed to Roles and choose the admin role
Example of setting up an account administrator in LiveAgent.

How do I remove the account administrator from LiveAgent?

  1. Log in to your LiveAgent account
  2. Navigate to Configurations
  3. Click on Agents
  4. Simply remove the admin by clicking on the trash icon 

How to change the role of the account administrator in LiveAgent?

  1. Log in to your LiveAgent account
  2. Navigate to Configurations
  3. Click on Agents
  4. Edit an existing agent’s role by clicking on the pencil on the right side
  5. Lastly, change the Role to an Agent

What do you do as an administrator?

Administrators have more privileges than agents. They can configure the system, view reports, and manage other users. Here are some of the features they have access to:

  • Access to all tickets
  • Add and manage other support agents
  • Access for changing roles of support agents
  • Assign departments
  • Reset passwords
  • View in-depth reports
  • Set up system languages
  • Establish ticket filters and fields
  • Install plugins
  • Set up protection through Banned IPs and BAN history
  • Create automation through Tags
  • Create rules (SLA, Time Rules, Rules)
  • Generate Canned messages and Predefined answers for specific departments

What is the difference between an administrator and an agent?

The difference is in access to configurations, reports, and management of users. The account administrator is the one who sets configurations based on the company’s needs. The agent has access to customer queries from Phone calls, Chats, and other channels only.

Another difference is that the account administrator can access and review agent reports. This enables them to identify areas of improvement for each agent and the company as a whole.

Why is setting your configurations in LiveAgent important?

Setting up your customer software system is crucial. In the long run, it makes agents’ work more effective, timely, and personalized. This results in a better customer service experience.

Moreover, having a clear hierarchy between your agents and administrators will prevent unwanted changes to your dashboard. Account administrators are usually responsible for setting up customer service workflows, Rules, SLAs, and other essential settings. They directly manage customer representatives and watch their performance within analytical dashboards.

Having several administrators in place will be beneficial for your overall customer satisfaction.

Benefits of good customer support experience:

  • reduced cost of service and marketing
  • customer retention (loyalty)
  • more customer acquisitions 

Frequently asked questions

How do I find my account administrator?

Your account administrator is the person who created your account and has administrative privileges. You can identify him as an account owner in the Users administration form in LiveAgent.

What are LiveAgent account administrator responsibilities?

LiveAgent account administrator can configure the system, manage other users, and view reports. It also has access to all functions available in LiveAgent (configurable security, creating automation using tags, setting filters, or installing plugins).

Who is a help desk account administrator?

Help Desk Account Administrator is responsible for the operation of computer networks. Installs and operates the organization's computer systems. These can be local area networks (LAN), network segments, intranets, wide area networks (WAN), and other systems that are used for data transmission.

What is the difference between an administrator and a user account?

In LiveAgent, users can play more than different roles. For example, it could be 'User' or 'administrator'. These two roles differ mainly in terms of access to individual elements of the account, as well as the rights to take actions on the account. 'User' can view the account, he has no management rights and access to all functions. The 'Administrator' has full rights and access to manage the account, information and users.

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