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What is an agent reply template?

An agent reply template is a special tool for a fast reply to a ticket. It is a great way to make it easier to the customer support team and it saves their time. Agents can simply arrange and edit the content of an agent reply template. The template contains a greetings at the beginning and agent signature at the end of reply. Agents can customize the template for a different situations. It is not difficult to make templates in your LiveAgent.

LiveAgent's agent reply template
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Frequently asked questions

What is an agent reply template?

An agent reply template is a pre-defined response that an agent can use to reply to a customer inquiry. The agent response template is a tool that enables you to quickly respond to a pending ticket. The template can be adapted to the specific case and situation. At the beginning of the template are greetings addressed to the customer, and at the end of the response are the signature of the agent. With this option, the agent can organize and edit the contents of the agent response template. This functionality makes the work easier and saves time for the customer service team.

How many agent reply templates does LiveAgent provide?

Unlimited. The number of templates depends on how many of them you adapt to your needs. You can customize as many templates as you need.

How to find an agent reply templates?

You can find agent response templates in the agent pane under the 'Configurations' tab. You can edit Canned Messages (short parts of answers) or Predefined Templates (complete email answers).

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