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Event follow up email templates

Once the event you hosted is over, how you follow up with your event attendees (and whether you follow up at all) can make a difference between the long-term impact of your event and wasted effort. Like event invitations and event reminders, post-event follow-ups are essential for organizing both offline and virtual events. It’s an excellent opportunity to build a better meaningful relationship with your audience, improve engagement, and gain valuable insight into how well your event performed and what you can do to make future events even more successful. Below are some best practices on sending post-event follow-up emails, along with ten event follow-up email examples your sales team can use for your post-event follow-up campaigns.

Event follow up email templates

Best practices for event follow up emails

Thank your attendees

Start by thanking your audience for taking their time to attend your event. It’s also a good idea to briefly summarize the event’s topic to remind the participants of the value they acquired and encourage their participation in future events.

follow up email example

Share event materials

Include helpful resources such as recorded speeches, slides with crucial takeaway points, photos, and videos. Alternatively, create a blog post with a recap of the event highlights, and include any relevant content that attendees can use to solidify the knowledge they’ve gained and share with their colleagues back at the office.

Ask for feedback

Ask for some constructive feedback, which can benefit both parties. It allows you to re-engage event participants and build a sense of community. And it’s also a great way to get a deeper insight into how you can optimize and improve your future events.

marketing unit event follow up email example

Segment your audience

The more specific and detailed your segmentation is (beyond attendees vs. non-attendees), the better outcome you can achieve from your event follow-up messages. In addition, the correct segmentation of your attendee list also allows for better personalization of your post-event follow-up emails.

Post-event follow up email subject lines

  • Thanks for making [Event Title] a success!
  • Thank you for being a part of [Event Title]!
  • Thanks for attending [Event Title] – recordings inside
  • [Name], thanks for joining us (bonus materials inside!)
  • [Name], here’s a webinar recording for you
  • [Name], how did you like the [event type] with [Speaker’s Name]?
  • We missed you today at [Event Title]! Here’s the recording
  • [Name], too bad you couldn’t join [Event Title]
  • Want to catch the beginning of [Event Title]?
  • I noticed we lost you halfway through [Event Title]

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Ten event follow up email template examples

1. Offline event follow up email

2. Online event follow up email (to all attendees)

3. Online event follow up email (to all no-shows)

4. Online event follow up email (to attendees who checked out early)

5. Online event follow up email (to attendees who checked in late)

6. Webinar follow up email (to attendees) – #1 follow up

7. Webinar follow up email (to attendees) – #2 follow up

8. Webinar follow up email (to all no-shows)

9. Personalized webinar follow up email (to no-show prospects)

10. Event follow up email – asking for feedback

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Frequently asked questions

Why are post-event follow-up emails important?

Not following up with the audience after your event is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Sending event follow-ups is critical for maintaining long-term relations with your event participants, increasing your next event’s attendance, nurturing leads, and converting more of them into potential customers.

When should I send a follow-up email after an event?

Once your event is over, it’s always best to follow up as soon as possible, ideally within the first 24 hours, while the details of your event are still fresh in your attendees’ minds. That ensures you have better chances to re-engage the participants and turn more leads into sales effectively.

How to follow up with those who didn’t attend the event?

Following up with no-shows is just as important as following up with those who did show up at your event. When crafting your post-event email to those who didn’t attend, you can simply say you’re sorry they weren’t able to join, provide links to post-event materials, encourage them to follow your future events, and offer help in case it’s needed.

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