Live Chat Templates

Numerous researches have proven that live chat has become and still remains the most popular digital customer communication channel. It is also one of the most flexible tools you can use on your website for a variety of purposes – from customer support to proactive sales and marketing. The following proven examples of ready-to-use live chat scripts (canned responses) for the most common live chat scenarios will help your agents to:

  • Provide faster responses when chatting with visitors and customers;
  • Avoid typing the same messages over and over again and boost efficiency;
  • Interact with multiple visitors simultaneously without compromising service delivery;
  • Maintain the right tone of language and deliver a consistent brand messaging;
  • Offer timely customer support and improve customer satisfaction;
  • Increase conversions by proactively targeting prospects on specific website pages.

Starting a chat 

Common greetings

Greetings for repeat visitors

A customer contacted the wrong company

Proactive chat invitations

Returning visitors

Idle visitors

Pricing/ check-out page

Proactive sales

Asking for additional information

Requesting general information

Verifying your understanding

Putting on hold

In the queue

In the middle of a chat session

Resuming a chat session

Transferring a chat

Handling complaints

Apologizing for an issue

Unable to meet a request

Wrapping up a chat

Thanking a customer

When a visitor is unresponsive

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