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Dealing with discount negotiations might be challenging for both – consumers who request better prices from brands they shop with and sales or customer service teams that need to handle discount requests in a way that satisfies customer expectations without destroying a business’s profit margins. Whether you are a consumer seeking a discount from your vendor or supplier, or a customer service/ sales rep who has do deal with discount requests from customers and prospects, you might find the following templates helpful.

Discount Request Templates

When asking for a discount from a business either as a prospect or as a loyal customer, there are two critical things to remember if you want to achieve a positive outcome: having a polite, positive and professional tone, and providing a good explanation on why you cannot afford the quoted price (or why you believe accepting your discount request would be beneficial for both parties). Here are some discount request letter templates you can use: 

Common discount inquiry

Hello [NAME],
This is [YOUR NAME] from [COMPANY NAME]. 
We are seriously considering to purchase your product as we believe it’s the perfect solution for our company! But we’re a small business just starting out and right now there’s no way we can afford your pricing. Any chance you could give us a discount?
Looking forward to your thoughts on this.

General discount request 

Dear [NAME],
We are happy to be your loyal customer for the last 5 years and during this time we have always been pleased with the quality of [PRODUCT/ SERVICE] you supply and the level of customer service you provide. 
Nonetheless, as our firms have done business together for so many years, and since we are currently experiencing certain financial difficulties, we would like to request a discount on future orders.
Looking forward to hearing your positive response. Thank you in advance.

Specific discount request 

Dear [NAME],
The past two years saw a marked increase in our purchases of your products. Besides, if you check our account, you will find that we have always been prompt in our payments.
In view of these we would like to ask you for an additional 5% discount. With a better discount we are sure that we can increase our business volume even more – and that, we believe, is something beneficial to both of us.
We hope to hear from you soon regarding this proposal. If it is acceptable to you, please inform us soon as we are planning to place our next order by the end of the week.
Thank you,

How to Respond to Discount Requests – Email Templates

No matter what products or services you offer, every business is likely to come across prospects or existing customers asking for discounts. However, simply agreeing to provide a discount demonstrates that your product/ service isn’t worth your asking price and starts your customer relationship on the wrong foot. Here are some tips on how you can effectively negotiate discount requests towards a win-win outcome and respond in a professional way:

  • Ask the prospect why price is an issue to find out whether asking for a discount is a part of their standard negotiation strategy, or they really cannot afford your product at the quoted price.
  • Acknowledge the request but move the conversation away from price by explaining how your product/ service offers more value than those of your competitors and emphasizing its benefits.
  • Deny the discount request but increase the value of the deal instead by providing some extra perks for the proposed price (e.g. free add-ons, extended warranty, free training, etc.)
  • Agree to a discount while altering the terms of the deal (such as increasing the order size, changing the scope of the order, lengthening the contract, etc.)
  • Agree to provide a discount only if you are receiving an obvious benefit in return (longer contract, large down payment, case study, referral, review, etc.)
  • If you are prepared to offer a discount, ask what they feel would be an appropriate discount and see if their request is reasonable and acceptable to your business.
  • If you cannot satisfy a customer’s request and cannot offer a discount, make sure to explain why your pricing is justified and why that’s your company’s policy.

Negotiating a discount request #1

I appreciate you asking about discounted pricing. Can I ask why you’re seeking a discount? I’d love to learn a little more about your budget and understand if I can explain the value of our solution further.
We could schedule a quick call this week, if you’d like. Feel free to book some time on my calendar here: [calendar link]

Negotiating a discount request #2

I appreciate your question. Before we talk about discounting, I’d love to find out a little more about the pain points and priorities of your company to ensure I can make the best recommendation on how we can help. 
Would you be open for a quick call next week? Let me know when you’re available.

Rejecting a discount request #1

Thank you for contacting us. I appreciate your interest in our product, but unfortunately we won’t be able to give you that discount. I understand your position, but our priority is being valuable. It wouldn’t be fair to offer you a discount while the rest of our users pay full price.
If you ever change your mind, we’d love to have you as a customer. Until then, I can recommend you a few affordable alternatives. Please let me know if you’d like that.

Rejecting a discount request #2

Hi [NAME],
Thank you for contacting us! I am very sorry, but we won’t be able to honor your discount request. Unfortunately, our promo ended over a month ago, so the 50% off coupon code you provided has already expired and is no longer active in our system. Our coupons are typically valid for 30 days after they are issued.
However, you can find our future promotions on our website at [link]. You are also welcome to join our mailing list to receive latest deals and special offers. Please, let me know if you would like me to add your email to our list.
Best regards,[YOUR SIGNATURE]

Accepting a discount request #1

Hi [NAME],
We appreciate your request and we perfectly understand your need to save a little money in this economy. 
Since you’ve been our customer for almost two years by now, we’re willing to offer you an additional 10% discount on your annual subscription in exchange for a case study that will be published on our website and show how your business benefits from using our product.
Please let us know if that works for you. Thank you!

Accepting a discount request #2

Hello [NAME],
We appreciate your request and your interest in using our service. After having discussed with my colleagues, we decided that we could provide you with a 15% discont, if you agree to pay a year’s worth upfront. 
Does it sound like something you would be willing to do? Looking forward to your response.
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