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Ticketing templates

Though customer support agents typically need to respond to a wide variety of queries – luckily, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel for common questions, support requests, or issues. Instead, they can use ready-made templates to cut down on response times and provide a consistent customer service experience. In fact, canned responses, pre-defined answers, and templates are one of the most critical features of any support ticketing software. They give agents more time and less stress, help to streamline their workflow, and speed up customer support. In a nutshell, canned messages and templates can:

  • Help agents to provide appropriate and accurate responses faster;
  • Save a great amount of time and effort for your support team;
  • Increase agent confidence, efficiency, and productivity;
  • Reduce new agent training time;
  • Ensure consistent brand messaging in customer communications;
  • Improve service quality and enhance customer satisfaction.
Ticketing templates
Canned response

Best practices for using canned responses and templates in your support ticketing system

  • Involve your entire organization in the template creation and evaluation process to get constructive feedback from multiple professionals in different departments.
  • Ensure each response template is carefully reviewed before going live and there are no mistakes, typos, or grammar issues.
  • Don’t use bland, robotic, and extremely formal language – find the right style and tone of voice for your audience.
  • Try and test various response templates to find the most appropriate ones for your organization.
  • 38% of consumers find scripted, impersonal responses frustrating – personalize templates whenever you can and adjust the answer to suit each customer and their specific case.
  • Don’t use canned replies and templates solely for the speed of support – only send the message if it’s 100% relevant and matches a customer’s request.
  • Revise your canned messages and templates regularly to ensure they stay relevant and keep up with your organization’s growth and changing customer needs.

12 Common ticketing response template examples

With a set of ready-made messages, you can achieve a personalized approach while also reducing the burden of crafting each response from scratch. Creating a library of efficient canned responses and templates, however, takes time and effort. Here are some basic support ticketing templates based on 12 common scenarios. Use them as a starting point and tailor them to suit your customer base.

Acknowledging a ticket was received

Updating on a ticket progress # 1 (We’re working on your case)

Updating on a ticket progress # 2 (We haven’t forgotten about you)

Asking for more information from a customer

Informing the customer that the issue was fixed

Ticket closure

Ticket closure due to a lack of response

Admitting a mistake in issue resolution

Apologizing for a company-wide issue

Responding to a bug report 

Following up

Customer service follow up

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