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FAQ page templates

Today’s consumers are turning to self-service options when they need to resolve minor issues or find information about a product/service. Because of this, having a comprehensive FAQ page is a must-have for all businesses. FAQ pages are actually helpful to both customers and employees alike. They free customers from the unnecessary hassle of contacting customer support and save employees from wasting time by answering frequently asked questions.

Why your business needs an FAQ page

  • Knowledge bases including FAQs are the most frequently used self-service options available today. (Forrester)
  • 90% of global consumers expect brands and organizations to offer an online portal for self-service, while 74% have used one previously. (Microsoft
  • 98% of consumers have tried a self-service solution, including searching through a company’s FAQs, help center, or other online resources. (Dimensional Research)
  • 39% of millennials check a company’s FAQ first when they have a question, showing a clear preference for finding answers on their own. (Salesforce)
  • 59% of consumers and 71% of business buyers say self-service availability impacts their loyalty. (Salesforce)
FAQ page templates
Knowledge base example

How to create an efficient FAQ page in 4 steps

FAQ page templates

Create a list of the most commonly asked questions. You may get insights from your customer service team to identify recurring questions and problems your customers are consistently reaching out to you with.


Organize and categorize your FAQs. Determine common topics within your list of questions and group them in a logical way so that users can easily skim through the page and find what they are looking for. 

Resolution time

Keep answers short and to the point. Depending on the complexity of the question, you can use from 1-2 sentences up to 2-4 short paragraphs to outline your answer. Link to relevant resources in your knowledge base for more detailed information.

Customer service reviews

Maintain your FAQs and update content. Regularly revise your FAQ page as your company or product grows and changes to ensure the content remains relevant and up-to-date over time.

FAQ templates: Common examples of frequently asked questions

Based on your type of business, your industry sector, and the specific needs of your target audience, your FAQ template can include different sections that cover a variety of topics. They can include general information, product or service usage, details of pricing and shipping, returns and refunds, and more. Below are some examples of frequently asked questions that you can use when you start creating your own FAQ page. 

General questions


My account




Returns / refunds


Frequently asked questions

How do I create FAQs?

You can create an FAQ section by using LiveAgent’s extensive knowledge base from within your LiveAgent account.

Do FAQ pages work?

Creating an FAQ is a great way to improve your knowledge base and provide customers with the answers to common questions. FAQs give your customers access to information they are looking for with a quick search rather than having to send an email. Moreover, FAQ pages are one of the most effective tools to create product awareness and generate traffic.

Why should I have an FAQ page?

Having an FAQ page on your website lets you provide answers to the most common questions people have about your business or product. 

Ready to build your knowledge base?

LiveAgent allows you to build multiple knowledge bases with FAQs, forums, and even suggestion boxes. Try it today with our free 14-day trial. No credit card required.<br />

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